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For the complete well files with over 600,000 oil & gas wells in All Topo & Google Earth KMZ Files 

call 307-358-5192

Cost $200.00 for the first state. $1000.00 for each additional state

Google Earth Kmz Fee Sample File of 65,000 Wyoming Oil & Gas Wells - You will need Google Earth installed to view files. Click Here to down load - FieldMap/WyoOilfieldMap.kmz

ALL TOPO HWP FREE SAMPLE FILES - The following FREE Sample files have from 100 to 1000 well files in each state. This is to demonstrate how the well files work with All Topo Maps. You must have All Topo Maps Program for the state you want to sample loaded on your computer to view these files.    To get All Topo Maps Click here http://www.igage.com/ATM/AllTopoMain.html

 If you are uncertain how to view an HWP file please contact 307-358-5192 for FREE assistance. 

1.Selecting the Sample file opens All Topo Program

2. Select Wpt in the menu bar opens the well file data.

3 Select the well file opens maps.

All Topo Samples/Colorado.HWP

All Topo Samples/North Dakota Wells.hwp

All Topo Samples/UtahWells.HWP

All Topo Samples/WyoWells .HWP

All Topo Samples/Montana Wells.HWP

All Topo Samples/Nebraska Wells.HWP

All Topo Samples/Ohio Well.HWP

All Topo Samples/South Dakota Wells.HWP

All Topo Samples/New Mexico Wells.hwp