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Sample State Maps                                 Sample Zoom In View

Sample All Topo - Static Map

Sample Google Earth KMZ Files & ALLTopo HWP Files  

GARMIN GPS POI Files works with most Garmin units with over 200,000 oil & gas wells pre -loaded SD Chips. Simply insert chip select the well you want to go to and start driving - Price $300.00 (Call 307-358-5192 for FREE Sample Files)

LappinTech Mapping Program with Database - Only $1000.00 

    By now you have tried our sample mapping program for searching oil wells. If not please feel free to do so. "Try It Now". Although the FREE version is a helpful tool it does not compare to the full version of LappinTech Mapping Program.

    LappinTech Mapping Program -Our highly advanced oilfield mapping  program creates detailed maps, routes, turn by turn directions & GPS to over 200,000 Oil Wells in 9 states across the Rocky Mt Region. More states can be added upon request. Works with a database for speed & accuracy in finding the correct lease you’re looking for. 

    Detailed Maps - These maps will show most roads including oilfield roads. Are completely interactive with full zoom, panning, in a mapped view.  Click Example snapshot image not interactive.

    Routes - Route from your location to the well site instantly with turn by turn directions. You can share your maps with anyone via the internet. Click the  Example snapshot image not interactive.

    GPS - Turn your laptop computer into a Mobil GPS unit that follows the routes you created giving verbal turn by turn directions. No more costly time spent being lost. Does Not need an internet connection. 

    Printable - Print out your maps or save them to file for professional printing.

Database Without Mapping program - Only $500.00.

    Works just like the FREE Oilfield Mapping Program on our site but does not need an internet connection. Additional states available upon request. Includes all the underlying data so you can create maps in your own program of choice. Find wells easily with quick searching ability. Retrieves Longitude & Latitude along with other necessary information on  over 200,000 oil & gas wells. Converts files to Excel format but will work on all computers that support Microsoft programming. 

Custom Maps -Electronic  $20.00         Paper Wall Maps up to 2'X3' $30.00

    We can create custom oilfield maps by state, field, operator, lease, many others available.

    We will ship directly to you or e-mail your Electronic maps immediately.

To Order Call 307-358-5192