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  Pumper Jack says "Got Rubbers !!!" LappinTech stuffing Box Rubbers  

 LappinTech Tubing Head-Stuffing Box Cones & Rings With Teflon Rope Packing

    Our Teflon rope packing creates an inner seal for your polished rod to ride against. This Teflon rope packing reduces heat, friction & wear allowing the rubbers to become an outer housing for the inner seal, preventing the rubber from wearing out & increasing your packing life span by  10 X guaranteed.        

 Tested And Proven by the Dept Of Energy Rocky Mountain Testing Oilfield Center (RMOTC) to last over 10 Times longer

See what we can do for your company!

Our Mission                

LappinTech is committed to supplying the oil field with only the best Tubing Head / Stuffing Box Packing on the market. With a unique patented design that last over 10 times longer than standard tubing head packing.

We only manufacture tubing head packing but it's the best packing in the oil field.

Contact Information

If you would like to have a FREE sample or to have your supply store stock LappinTech Tubing Head / Stuffing Box Packing please contact us.

LappinTech LLC
Scott Lappin 
e-mail to dolappin@vcn.com 
Telephone - 307-262-2213
Postal address P.O. Box 1022 Douglas, WY. 82633

Supply Stores & Manufactures Reps- we are always looking for additional outlets for our product. Supply your customers with only the best tubing head packing in the oil field. Contact us for a FREE sample to have your customers test our product.